Suburban Hypocrites

Formed in 2014, four-piece group Suburban Hypocrites deliver diverse, passionate, beer-soaked punk. They self-released “A Proclamation of Self-Defamation” in 2016, followed by an EP, “We Wrote Four New Songs and Reused an Old One”, which released in 2017 via Last Ditch Records. 2018 saw a full length "Crowd Pleasers for Mouth Breathers" which demonstrated no shortage of speed and precision. The guys still deliver the authentic punk they’ve been spilling at you for the last four years, but with the new complexities it’s bound to keep your body moving.

Their impressive opening slots for bands such as Red Fang, The Casualties, Dayglo Abortions, Ripcordz, Gutters Demons, The Wild! and CKY, let you know they’re going to show up and deliver harder than ever

Suburban Hypocrites are loyal to their fans, providing raw and powerful energy on stage, upbeat and dance worthy music, and of course, enough aggression to get a good pit going.

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